In a multinational environment, such as the one that characterizes life in the United Arab Emirates, The practice of litigation demands specialists who are not only experienced in the local laws and procedures.

But also conversant with practices in and outside jurisdictions as well. Our litigation lawyers have extensive trial experience in criminal, commercial and civil cases. This includes representing individuals and corporate clients in civil and administrative hearings, suits involving the enforcement of contracts, actions for the recovery of the damages based on the contract and tort, intra-corporate and marine disputes, pursuing the judicial enforcement of intellectual property rights and international trade disputes.

  • Crimes including Financial Crimes
  • Banking
  • Shipping
  • Patents and Trade Marks
  • Corporate Affairs
  • Insurance
  • Investment & Securities
  • Construction related issues

Not only have our litigators appeared before the court, we are honoured to have on our staff one retired senior judge and one Public Prosecutor who have together served an impressive fifteen years behind the bench.

Additionally our immaculate in-house documentation procedures enables all cases to be handled efficiently. We believe that if it weren’t for the co-ordination of substantial documentation and the provisions of technical expert evidence, all cases would be without a backbone. We work with experts in many fields and a full time Court Co-ordinator ensures that all court related matters are dealt with as expeditiously as possible.